The elliptical is the best way to get in shape. The treadmill is still the most popular cardio equipment, but the elliptical trainer is firmly in second place.

Since their introduction in mid-1990s, elliptical trainers have enjoyed wide acceptance. For those who can’t endure the strain of running on a treadmill, the low-impact exercise and rhythmic motion offered by elliptical trainers are very appealing. The monotony of running on a treadmill is another reason.

Many people who use health clubs or fitness centers know about the dangers of using these machines. Most gym members have seen someone fall on a treadmill, or suffer a mishap while lifting weights. Although they are less common, accidents with elliptical trainers can happen. Anyone who uses ellipticals should be aware of them and how to avoid them.

This is the most common area where injuries occur when you use an elliptical trainer. Free-moving arm handles and foot pedals are the main hazards. The foot pedals and arms handles can be moved around like a bicycle. It is easy to lose your balance while putting your entire weight on a foot pedal, and then suddenly feel both pedals move forward.

Before you lift yourself onto an elliptical trainer, make sure your feet are in contact with the ground and grab the stationary handles. Before you dismount the elliptical, ensure that it has stopped completely and your hands are securely gripped on the stationary handles. Never, ever grab the handle of the moving arm handles when mounting or dismounting an elliptical. They are also free-moving.

Although the elliptical trainer can be operated with ease, proper posture is important. Do not slump your shoulders and keep your spine straight from the top of your head to your feet. To reduce strain on your knees as well as your lower back, keep your knees slightly flexible.

It is important to keep your feet in contact the foot pedals. Although it may seem obvious, a slight slip can cause serious injuries to an elliptical trainer. To relieve the numbness, you can either rock your feet heel to toe, but keep your foot in contact with the pedals.

When navigating between ellipticals in health clubs, where space is limited, be careful. Elliptical trainers can often be placed too close together. When ellipticals are nearby, you should be careful about approaching or leaving an elliptical. Moving equipment and other gym members are not to be in your way. You should not be afraid to tell the management of your health club if you notice that equipment is too close together. They have to ensure that the facility is safe.

If you feel uneasy or stressed during your elliptical workouts stop immediately. You can still remain stationary and hold the stationary handles, but keep your hands on the handlebars. To prevent any injury, if you feel faint, get off the elliptical as soon as possible. If you feel unwell after a brief break, get in touch with the health club staff immediately. In these cases, it is safer to be safe than sorry.


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