For decades, the exercise bike has been a standard in gyms and health clubs. Although the elliptical trainer is relatively new, it quickly became a favorite of all age groups. There is often a wait list at my gym for the elliptical trainers. The elliptical trainer as well as the exercise bike offer a great cardiovascular workout. Let’s compare the elliptical trainer and the exercise bike to find out how they compare.

You may have experienced the smooth, gliding action on an elliptical at your gym. The smooth, oval-shaped elliptical motion allows you to experience full motion while keeping your joints flexible. An exercise bike can also be low-impact. Because it doesn’t jar the spine like other types of exercise, even those with back pain can ride an exercise bike. Rehabilitators will often recommend the exercise bicycle to patients with joint problems or those who are recovering from surgery.

The exercise bike is a great exercise for anyone just starting to exercise. The machine mimics riding a bicycle, so beginners will feel at ease within minutes of starting to use it. You can adjust resistance levels so you can start out with a low resistance. The elliptical trainer can be used by beginners as it mimics walking movements. This makes it very easy to use and learn. It is easy to change the resistance setting on an elliptical. You can experiment a bit to find the right resistance level for you.

The elliptical trainer’s ability to provide cross-training is probably its greatest advantage over the exercise bike. You can work your legs and upper body simultaneously with the handlebars. The elliptical trainer is a popular choice over other cardio equipment, as it offers the most effective workout.

When you exercise, don’t get too focused on the fast track. The elliptical trainer and exercise bike have a great feature that allows you to move your legs backwards and pedal backwards. Reversing the motion engages different muscles, giving you a better workout.

The elliptical trainer also offers a weight bearing workout. A weight bearing workout is essential for protecting your bones and muscles, especially as you get older. Experts agree that weight bearing exercise is the best way to improve your condition, strengthen your muscles, and burn more calories.

Space is an important consideration when you’re deciding on the equipment for your home gym. If you are limited on space, exercise bikes may be a better option than elliptical trainers. A decent exercise bike can be purchased for several hundred dollars less than an elliptical machine. Make sure to compare prices to find the best deal!

Exercise bikes are great for building quadriceps or calves if you’re training for a particular purpose. You need to increase your resistance gradually on a daily basis in order to build muscle on the bike. You are better off using an exercise bike for cardiovascular benefits, and weight training to build muscle.


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